On the Plus Side, It Still Has More Appeal than "Voting Rocks!"

just when you think they could not condescend any furtherYesterday, the GOP revealed its own response to youth apathy: Reggie the Registration Rig. According to party chairman Ed Gillespie, Reggie is intended to appeal "'especially young people and people who are not traditionally Republican voters,' such as blacks and Hispanics," which is a great idea, because Bob the Builder is really popular right now. Only I think you're supposed to be over 18 if you're gonna vote. On the other hand, Hispanics of all ages love trucks! Fun fact: Gillespie got the idea for Reggie one day when he stopped to pick up a crew of landscapers in the Wal-mart parking lot.

Reggie the Registration Rig [GOPTeamLeader.com]

Republicans Plan Push to Register Voters [AP/Yahoo]


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