On the Right, We Have E. M. Zanotti

EM.jpgWe stumbled across E.M. Zanotti's website American Princess and thought: Shit! How much fun would it be to bring on board a smart and sassy fashion-forward Neocon who is not, you know, totally batshit! We asked, and she was on board immediately (after clearing it with her overlords at the National Review, who presumably put aside nautical charts and early editions of the Federalist Papers to discuss letting her drift left to slum with us). She'll be doing some posts, book reviews and whatever else she damn well feels like doing. Have you seen those boots? We're not going to argue with those.

So, yeah, Republican women, right? Hmmm. We're flooded with feelings. It's a little bittersweet thinking back on all those pearl-wearing, headbanded Republican girls we knew long ago, and how good they looked tossing back shots of tequila and spouting harsh self truths. Sometimes -- we admit it, sure-- we drift back to our halcyon days of screwing like jackrabbits the shadowy lawns of our yacht club, whacking down lines on a framed, signed photo from George Bush (41 not 43) and driving our gas-guzzling Volvos without feeling guilty. Good times. We had no worries, money was a four letter word never discussed, and the only war we had was on drugs (and we were losing that one too). E. M. Zanotti, American Princess, sort of brings us back to those days, now long outlawed. Anyway, sharpen your knives Democrats. E.M. awaits! And yes, those really are her legs. We asked.

Superficial Hate Doesn't Take Vacations [American Princess]


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