On the Social Security Campaign Trail

A Wonkette operative reports from Bush's barnstorming tour:

What's with these incredibly polite hecklers? There were four today [in Memphis]; four at yesterday's first event in Louisille. It's almost as if they've been planted by the Bush people. At his first event today, a well-dressed woman shouted, "With all due respect..." but the rest of her gripe was drowned out by Bush. Later, a chubby heckler said, as Bush was talking about controlling your own personal account, "There's no guarantee of ownership." The woman was hustled out, but the guy just sat there, partly because his heckle could only be heard by the nearby press corps.


And yesterday, one heckler said: "Mr. President, your plan wants to do away with Social Security," before immediately escorting himself out. Maybe at his next speech in Shreveport, someone will stand up and shout: "Mr. President, I take strong exception to the verifiability of your wage indexing estimates!"

Yeah, they keep comparing Bush's push to an election year fight but except for that awesome ad about how the AARP are actually dope-smoking homo-homies, the even the debate over it is lame. Bring out the naked people and the signs comparing SSA Chief Actuary Stephen C. Goss to Hitler!


When Gays Attack: USA Next To Cease & Desist [Wonkette]


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