Once Again, All An Excuse to Post This Picture

We'll go with: "I for one am convinced that if every gay man in America could have a good look at these, they would all be converted to the heterosexual lifestyle." (AP)

Katherine Harris' Chief of Staff Fred Asbell is stepping down Friday to devote more time to his family and ability to kill a man from 100 paces (note: probably a different Fred Asbell). According to Roll Call, Fred wrote in his going-away email that he "will be providing political consultation to [Harris'] Senate campaign," but that probably just means he'll tell her to drop out. Counts as "consultation," right? Besides, according to an anonymous tipster, Fred's enjoying his new-found freedom:

Fred Asbell lives in my partner's condo building, so his resignation as Katy Harris's chief of staff explains why his regular look of stress has suddenly eased.

See also: Stephen Elliott's first-person bus trip adventure with the Harris campaign, wherein he makes it on the bus by saying he's with The Believer, which actually works, apparently. Seriously, if one of you want to follow her to a couple campaign stops, you have our full permission to say you're with Wonkette, as long as you promise to take pictures.

Another One Bites the Dust [Roll Call]

On the Bus With Katherine Harris [The Progressive]


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