ONDCP: Let's Get High and Have Fun

youtubebong.jpgThe Office of National Drug Control Policy, in a fighting-fire-with-fire move, has uploaded a bunch of lame videos onto YouTube. Their videos, though, are slickly produced 30-second tv spots that cost $1.2 billion of tax money. Still, like the rest of the shit on YouTube, they're only funny if you're high as hell.

Above, the classic "if your friends jumped off a bridge" scenario gets a facelift and a plot borrowed from, we think, the Bowery Boys. Below the video, YouTube has conveniently marshaleld the metadata and found related clips you, the viewer of Government-produced anti-drug advertising, might also enjoy. We've circled our favorite (they tagged their fucking videos with "420," what did they expect?).

After the jump, the first "Above the Influence" parody we found (via the same sidebar), in which a multi-racial group of 14-year-olds bemoan the fact that the weed has caused their friend to lose interest in activities they once enjoyed together, like "killing Asians."


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