One Kidney Will Suffice, Thanks

  • Even though Democrats dropped their scandalous plans for birth control and re-sodding the National Mall, House Republicans still didn't go for the stimulus bill. [AP]
  • Ford announced that 2008 was its worst year in history, but it will do just fine, not go bankrupt, etc. [Bloomberg]
  • Hundreds of thousands of workers went on strike in France to protest ... the shitty global economy? [International Herald Tribune]
  • If you've ever fallen for the whole "go on exotic vacation, wake up drugged in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney" trick, fear not! A new study shows you can get by on only one just fine, for a long time. [US News and World Report]
  • Militants from Gaza fired rockets into Israel. Israeli warplanes launched a strike on Gaza. God, this is getting old. [Voice of America News]
  • Robert Gibbs told the Today show that it was really too bad that zero Republicans voted for the stimulus bill, and insisted that Republicans had helped write it. Huh? [AP]

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