One-Man Shows, Fingerless Men And Free Laughter


Tonight through Sunday, February 21: Sexual impotence, divorce, child support and who needs fingers anyway? Such is the plot of the film A Man Who Ate His Cherries, which is being screened tonight as part of the Iranian Film Festival. [Freer and Sackler Galleries]

  • Tonight and Sunday, January 10: Want to learn how to be funny? The Washington Improv Theater is offering FREE improv lessons tonight at 7PM and Sunday at 3PM. [Washington Improve Theater]
  • Monday, January 11 through Sunday, February 7: If you like it when fat people say funny things, you're in luck: Mike Daisey is performing his show The Last Cargo Cult, about why it's bad that Americans like materials. Pay-what-you-can performances are on Monday and Tuesday. [Wolly Mammoth Theater]
  • Tuesday, January 12 through Sunday, March 7: I am My Own Wife is a one-man show about an East German transvestite who survives the Nazis. Needless to say, the show has won some Tonys, a Pulitzer, and we're sure the gays gave it some awards too. [Signature Theatre]
  • Closing Sunday, January 10: The Fantasticks, a play that explains why parents should not meddle in the affairs of their children, closes this Sunday. Tickets are just $10 if you're under 30. [The Lincoln Theater]

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