No, dear readers, this is not yet the main event; our promised interview of Tom Malin is still to come. But to tide you over, here's a little teaser -- some foreplay, if you will -- to whet your appetite.

After the jump, our initial IM conversation with Tom Malin, the former gay escort who ran (unsuccessfully) for the Texas state legislature.

Here are some excerpts from our IM conversation with former candidate Malin (IM screennames are pseudonyms; transcript has been edited (mainly to remove the more boring parts)):

Tom Malin: Hey Wonkette. Tom Malin here.
Wonkette: Great to hear from you! How can we tell this is really you though?
Tom Malin: you want my social security number?
Tom Malin: just kidding
Tom Malin: this is my old mary kay aol account. never canceled it

Wonkette: Would you be up for a brief interview at some point?
Tom Malin: sure. i love y'alls site.
Wonkette: We're glad you have a sense of humor! Not everyone that we poke fun at does.
Tom Malin: if you cant laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?

Tom Malin: I am about to head to the gym to work with my trainer
Tom Malin: then I am working on my book all afternoon

A book? Ooh, exciting! Our suggested title: Memoirs of a Gay-sha!

Wonkette: Is there a time later in the afternoon or early evening that would be good to find you online?
Tom Malin: i will be online this afternoon around 3pm central. 4pm eastern.
Wonkette: That sounds good; shall we plan on getting in touch then
Tom Malin: yeah thats fine. i will be here at 3 pm then
Wonkette: This will be fun. Much thanks!

And, last but not least, a final special request from our interviewee:

Tom Malin: just go easy on me
Wonkette: Of course! ;-)

Fear not, dear Tom. We believe that lube is just like soft money: "There's no such thing as too much!"


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