One Of Eliot Spitzer's Whores-By-Proxy, The Kristin One, Would Like To Be Governor Of New York Now Please


Oh lookee here: Eliot Spitzer's whore thing Kristin Davis, his "Manhattan Madam," has announced at some Libertarian convention (?) that she will be running for governor of New York. But woah, Albany insider gossip: this was Spitzer's exact job in politics, running New York! It is nothing more than a classic tale of "switchsies": the governor prefers spending his time whoring, and she who whores, wishes she could govern.

Davis already has a platform, which is a thing you need to be Serious. Plus, she's amassed a collection of the rapper 50 Cent plus some Penthouse gals to help her out in some way that presumably exists.

Davis is running on a "taxation as confiscation" platform and also advocates legalizing prostitution and marijuana, saying that the potential $2.6 billion in revenue could help close the budget gap.

Davis and ["aide" Roger] Stone plan to use her racy connections to get some Penthouse Pets to pound the pavement getting signatures for a petition to put her on the ballot.

Davis claims to have some prominent backers such as rapper 50 Cent who has reportedly offered some of his G-Unit rap crew to work the phones.

Putting the washed-up prefab rap people on the phones, not the sex girls for phone sex: that is just savvy campaigning!

[CBS News]


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