One Toke

* Heard on the Hill: House barbershop needs a new, less risque calendar... Congressional softball team the "One-Hitters" prove marijuana is a performance enhancing drug... Christopher Carney is up in the club with his homies... Mike McNulty finally makes a name for himself... Rep. Patrick Kennedy still on the wagon and, for that matter, the bike... C-SPAN's Brian Lamb gets testy with a caller. [Roll Call]

* Yeas and Nays:Gen. James Conway reminds Marines of the dress code... Bo Derek has a way of convincing House members... Charity event weeds out the uglies... Becks possibly partying at K Street restaurant Lima. [Examiner]

* Shenanigans: When it comes to change, the government is getting nickeled and dimed. [Politico]

* The Sleuth:Jeri Thompson fulfills fantasies by playing pizza delivery guy... Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. defends himself against allegations that he wasn't picking on someone his own size. [WP]

* Page Six:Ted Koppel is cutting his losses. [NYP]

* Washington Whispers:Rep. George Miller gets turned on to technology... Chelsea Clinton a Potter fan... The Prince of Darkness will never retire... Dem. presidential candidates to hold a reunion at Little Rock's Central High... Rep. Tom Cole opens a file on Rahm Emanuel... While the Congress is away, President Bush will pick new federal judges... John McCain can't even get his fans to support him. [USN&WR]


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