Hey there, -pedia fans! Do you think that Wikipedia's too played out and Conservapedia too gay? Then you'll love Chickipedia, which, as if you don't know, "is the world's largest web-based, women-based, wiki-based database of hot chicks on the planet." Readers input a host of detailed information for each subject, including hookups, hobbies, vices, "dudes she worked with," and "chicks she worked with." But while the current user base is good at supplying data on Anna Ortiz and Cameron Diaz and the like, their "Politics" category is sorely lacking! After the jump, we take you through the hellscape, and show you how you can help.

Ach du lieber!

That's the picture from the article on Angela Merkel! See what she's hiding under her usual frumpy clothes? Also, we'd like to point out that Angela's article is first on Chickipedia's paltry list of fifteen political chicks, since it alphabetizes by first name, obviously.

Um, is she like eight here?

Are we bad people because we find this picture kind of adorable? Hillary's article notes that her job is "Senator, ex-First Lady, presidential candidate, Prostitute", that her assets are "Hotter than Obama", and that her hobbies include "giving Asa Bradshaw a boner, because she is a man".

Ann Coulter's article (no, we're not giving you any pictures of that one), which notes that her nickname is "Manhattan Anal", her hookups include "America", and the dudes she has worked with include "Ann Coulter", seems well written and neutral:

And not only is she a monstrous font of diarrheic vitriol who disgorges a continual torrent of loathsome rhetoric to poison the public discourse; the frequency with which she manages to emit accurate (and original) assertions is approximate to photographic evidence of unicorns. She is as devoid of facts as she is of kindness and compassion. I've heard more astute political observations from a pile of day-old puke--and it didn't have to plagiarize, either.

See, the fuddy-duddies on Wikipedia would have slapped a "citation needed" tag on that one.

I think this is Aragorn or some shit like that

And, finally, the picture on Condoleezza Rice's article is actually an animated GIF that rotates through various Lord of the Rings characters, for reasons I don't think I have to explain.

AND THOSE ARE THE HIGH POINTS! Wonketteers, this is a site that desperately needs your crowd-based wisdom! Imagine: a list of hot political chicks that doesn't include Stephanie Herseth or Fran Townsend or Katherine Harris! A list that includes Jenna Bush but not Barbara! Go forth and edit, faithful readers! Edit with all your might!


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