Only In China?

The United Food and Commercial Workers have launched a campaign to get ABC's "Good Morning America" to dump Wal-Mart as a sponsor of the show's "Only in America" segment, on the grounds that, well, Wal-Mart specializes in selling underpriced Chinese crap to the people who used to work in factories until their jobs got sent overseas. The union says:

With this sponsorship, ABC News provides Wal-Mart both a format and visual framing to perpetuate a long-term myth—that Wal-Mart possesses a unique American patriotism manifested in practices that promote American values, respect workers, and privilege American-made products.
Of course, it's debatable how valuable the sponsorship is when the programming is so cheesy it makes you want to gouge your eyes out -- recent segments have included "Orphaned Teen Makes A 'Friend' At Oscars," "Horton Family Gives Thanks For Quadruplets," and "Ethiopian Girl With One Arm And One Leg Swims To Success." (And yes, that last one is real.)

But it just goes to show you there really is something unique about our country: Only in America could malevolent corporate weasels turn a painfully sappy network morning show into effective propaganda for their evil empire of cheap schlock.

Take Action: Call For ABC News To Drop Wal-Mart As "Only In America" Sponsor [UFCW]

Only in America [ABC News]


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