He'll fuckin' kill you, that's what. - WonketteHey everybody, an actor is going to be president again! Country Bear Jamboree star Fred Thompson hasn't declared, but his "political consultant" young wife has decided he's just the man to get GOP nomination.

Why Fred? Because he is on a teevee show that's always playing on every television all through the day and night. Also, Americans hunger for a president who not only acts scary, but also looks scary -- it's an LBJ thing. And being a Hollywood actor with a new trophy wife is sort of "traditional family values" compared to Giuliani and McCain, who are probably getting high and divorced again at a gay opera right now.

New polls show Thompson would tie with Hillary if she's the nominee (meaning the Supreme Court would make him president), but would lose to Barry Hussein Obama. Of course, they're all current or former senators, so none of them will ever be president.

Thompson Tied with Clinton, Trails Obama [Rasmussen Reports]


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