Only One-In-Three Voters Now See Sarah Palin As 'Qualified'


FAIL.What a tragic month for our Snowbilly Dingbat! On August 29, just hours after Barack Obama's stadium acceptance speech in Denver, John McCain waddled out with his exciting maverick veep pick, a nine-year-old child abandoned at the Wal-Mart in some exurban Alaskan gloom-hole. And America loved her! Or, "the Americans who voted for Bush, twice, thought she was better than that liberal Mexican McCain, at least." And now? The only people still standing up for Our Sarah are the stupidest people in America the world: Socially Conservative Republican Men.

When America's moms -- or at least the white moms who are registered to vote and don't have much money -- first got a look at Sarah Palin, they all said, together, "Oh look at that, a lady with kids, and she has kind of a half-ass job just like me, so why not have some random mom become president when McCain dies on November 5?"

And then Sarah opened her mouth and revealed that she was, in fact, a barely functioning idiot.

So now all those women have turned on her, and are once again entranced by the sexy idea of Barack Obama and Joe Biden charming their way into the nation's collective panties.

Women were more likely than men to have changed their opinion and are less likely than men to view Palin as qualified, according to Pew's latest poll.

Biden, by contrast, was considered qualified to be president by a three-to-one margin.

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