Open Ended Benchmarks

* Since these benchmarks are completely arbitrary, Bush sees some progress. [NYT]

* Let's try this Iraq pullout thing again. [Roll Call

* Write your name on a piece of paper and you too can buy all kinds of radioactive shit for killing. [NYT]

* The CIA director thinks Iraq is way more fucked than he likes to say in public. [WP]

* The end of a crazy old man's career was inevitable. [Politico]

* Soldiers don't need to sleep or heal or anything - it's the killing that fuels them. [WT]

* Arlen Specter wants another nutcase on the bench. [Politico]

* Bush made a big mess that's going to last a long time. [USAT]

* Is it a problem that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid hate eachother? [The Hill]


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