We're guessing this one has only a thin hope of joining ACORN and Jade Helm 15 in the Great Big Catalogue of Rightwing Fears, but let's document the specimen just in case it manages to thrive. Over at Gateway Pundit, Stupidest Guest Blogger on the Internet Kristinn Taylor thinks he may have found evidence of a leftist/media (same thing) plan to start demanding reparations for past discrimination against gays, as carefully documented by a guy who heard a thing from a "national reporter." It only makes sense, because look how much success The Blacks have had at winning reparations for slavery and Jim Crow!

So here's the skinny: Republican media guy, Rick Wilson -- the genius who depicted disabled Vietnam vet Max Cleland as a terrorist sympathizer -- said on Twitter Monday that he'd had this conversation with a "national reporter," who of course Wilson didn't identify:

Asked if maybe this was some idea being pushed by "BIG trial lawyers" in Florida, Wilson replied simply that "this is a national reporter." Surely a man who was able to depict a genuine Vietnam War hero as soft on terror must be a credible source.

Taylor also says that it's not just Wilson talking about this, either!

Curiously also on Monday afternoon Ace of Spades reported that he too was told ‘gay reparations’ was going to be an issue in 2016:

BTW, a guy I trust says that he was speaking to an informed source on the Gay Marriage side of things, and he says that "gay reparations" are going to be a live issue in 2016, and something that all candidates will have to take a position on.

Considering that Wilson occasionally retweets the "Ace of Spades" blogger, we'll go out on a limb and guess that there's every possibility Rick Wilson is the "guy I trust," but who knows, maybe there are two people talking about what is sure to be the next huge demand by the Gay Militants who run the left. Or perhaps it'll sink faster than that Atlas Shrugged movie.

We're not even sure Kristinn Taylor has much faith in this rumor. In some of his previous journalistic triumphs, he's had no problem at all with straight out lies, like the time he lied about a run-down motel that was being considered as a location to house immigrant kids; he called it a "$50 million luxury resort," and the subsequent rightwing shitstorm got the plan cancelled.

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But this time around, Taylor's really hedging his bets. The story's headline is a rather modest "CLAIM: Media to Make ‘Gay Reparations’ an Issue in 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Race," which is perfectly accurate -- somebody did indeed make that claim, even though there's not a shred of evidence for it. Heaven knows our Weekly Directive from George Soros hasn't said anything about pushing for Gay Reparations. But it was certainly enough to get the Gateway Pundit's readers stirred up, eliciting such brilliant comments as "i'm not paying any homo anything" and "Reparations for unnatural lifestyle, that can't even propagate to survive??"

So far, Taylor's story hasn't gotten much traction in the Wingnut-o-Sphere, although it has been picked up by a handful of blogs, but we can certainly see the potential appeal; after all, Kentucky's legislature voted to say that it "regretted" slavery, but stopped short of apologizing, since that might be an admission of guilt that would make The Blacks feel entitled to plunder the state treasury. So it's just possible that fear of "Gay Reparations" will become a thing on the right, to be invoked any time someone sues over actual discrimination.

And then the Gays will go back to recruiting your children and making God smite America.

[The Gateway Pundit]

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