Dear Jim Webb Jr.,

So we don't have your email address. But, after reading this excerpt from your blog, we really, really, really want to get in touch with you:

So, in closing continue to attack my charecter please. Because you know what? I don't care, and besides the publicity is amazing. Who knows, maybe some good looking lady will send a picture to me and my platoon while we're in Iraq.

Dude, get in touch with us. Send us your address, seriously. We guarantee you that there are at least 100 readers of this site who would be willing to send you and your platoon naked photos of themselves, and we'd only be too happy to facilitate the transaction. We are entirely serious about this. Now, we can't guarantee they'll be hot, but, hey, they'll be naked, and that's what counts, right? Let's get this rolling -- hit us up, The "lovely" ladies of the Internet await your word.

Update: Men can send pictures too. Hey, your dad's a Democrat, right?


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