Open Secrets Watch: The New Guy At Interior


Here is a picture of the President with people who have names like "Dirk" and "Butch Otter" and "Spuddy Buddy."

Whoda thunk the Department of the Interior would be a hotbed of scandal? And not that lame, hard-to-follow "corruption" and "bribery" kind of scandal, but honest-to-god sex 'n' stuff!

Turns out, this new Dirk Kempthorne has:

* Illegitmate son

* Longtime mistress/aide

* Sham marriage

Hey! Not bad! We're suddenly way excited about the Department of the Interior -- has anyone bothered to point out how educational these sorts of things can be? We might even go find out what the Interior Secretary does! Ooooh, maybe the HUD Secretary's a pedophile!

So, does Kempthorne's mistress and 2nd family go, too? [Idaho's Democrats (they have those? --ed)]


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