Oprah Is Canceling 'Oprah'!; Congress THISCLOSE To Asking Oprah To Cancel Barack Obama!


  • New controversial medical study ensures that cervical cancer will be the breast cancer of next week. One more's a trendpiece! [New York Times]
  • Members of Congress were very busy and shouty last night in trying to decide who they hated more: Obama or Geithner... [Washington Post]
  • ...while Catholic bishops easily picked Obama. [AP]
  • Please do let the nebbishy hypochondriacs in your life know about the Vicks nasal spray recall. Or actually don't. [CNN]
  • Oprah the Human is self-canceling Oprah the Show in September 2011 so she can work on her own cable teevee station side-project. [WSJ]
  • US citizens will probably not be allowed to visit Cuba again after all. By and large this should come as a huge relief to any Cuban familiar with American spring break cultural practices.. [The Hill]

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