Oral Roberts President Steps Down

Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts announced yesterday that he will take a leave of absence from his position of 14 years. It comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by three ex-ORU professors claiming that Roberts and the administration knowingly employed a proven sexual deviant and let him run all willy-nilly about campus. The lawsuit also accused his wife, Lindsay Roberts, of screwing a 16-year-old boy, a situation in which we fail to see the controversy.

Richard Roberts announced his intentions in a statement yesterday. He noted, "The untrue allegations have struck a terrible blow in my heart.... The untrue allegations of sexual misconduct by my wife have hurt the most. It has broken her heart and the hearts of my children." Yeah, those untrue allegations are SO untrue, baseless and undignified that he's going to quit his job over them.

Before you feel too sorry for him, watch the above video (which is mostly just audio) of Richard Roberts' father, Oral, preaching candidly about lesbians and gays back in the day. It's a seven-minute clip, but you can pretty much start anywhere and end anywhere and still have the most enjoyable aural experience of your day. I recommend skipping to about 1:06 for the following:

"The vagina. Only one organ made can bring forth life. It's the male organ. It's not, in lesbianism, for the tongue of a female goes into the vagina of another female. It's not in the male, where the male organ goes into the part of the body where the... the waste matter comes out of the body as poison, and he penetrates that part of the body in homosexuality. It's not to be put in the mouth of the man, or the mouth of the man or the woman.... It is the male organ, penetrating the vagina of the woman, the male and the female."

President of Oral Roberts to Take Leave of Absence [NYT]

Oral Roberts Sex Tape! [YouTube]


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