Orange County Nazis Threaten To Kill Jerry Brown

Southern California Nazis or whatever have painted graffiti in the Orange County town of Santa Ana informing new (again) Governor Jerry Brown that they will kill him next month. One message says "We're gonna kill Gov. Brown 2/14/11" and the other says "26 more days 4 Brown" and has a swastika instead of, we guess, a period. Santa Ana police Corporal Anthony Bertagna, who is apparently mentally challenged, told local media he did not know if the messages were related in any way. (The two threats were both found yesterday in the same Orange County town, when February 14 was 26 days away, so who knows, right? One is probably referring to sending Meg Whitman a Valentine's Day snake or something, and the other probably doesn't even exist in our universe.)

Anyway, why do these Nazi Gangstas want to kill Jerry Brown? What did he do to the O.C. Nazi Gangstas?

Because this is a crazy country full of crazy people and Orange County is basically "Arizona on the Coast," police are taking this super-seriously even though they have absolutely no idea if these messages are related or refer to Jerry Brown or are legally protected as Talk Radio language or what, nobody knows at all. Nobody knows anything, but we will all keep updating this story regularly until we don't know anything later. [Fox News/Reuters]


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