Oregon Bigots Would Like Special License To Hate Gays Even If It Is Illegal To Do That Because Freedom


Exactly how big an asshole do you need to be to care who eats your five-tiered sponge-flavored diabetes-frosted wedding cake? This big:

[T]he Oregon Family Council has filed its own initiative that would allow for discrimination against same-sex couples even if marriage equality passes.

The proposed Protect Religious Freedom Initiative would create a “right to discriminate” for any business that normally works with weddings. Were it to pass, florists, bakers, photographers, and other wedding professionals could simply refuse to serve same-sex couples without being in violation of the state’s public accommodation nondiscrimination protections.

So in other words, they would like a special law that says they do not have to follow the law because they think that well, they just shouldn't. Freedom and stuff. That is not how the law works, dummies. We checked How The Law Works For Dummies What Are Especially Dumb.

Really, it's getting pretty sad at this point. Gay homosexual marriage is legal in more states than we can count on both hands now. Even George Big Daddy Bush is down with it. The Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that (we are paraphrasing just a bit) "JESUS SHIT, WHO FUCKING CARES, LET PEOPLE GAY MARRY EACH OTHER IF THEY WANT!"

Seriously, bigots, this is not really a thing anymore. It just isn't. No one cares who gets married to whom, except for the broke-ass losers at National Organization for Marriage, some schmucky Catholic Illinois bishop who has watched The Exorcist too many times, and your crazy Uncle Billy Joe Bob Bill who sends you those ALL CAPS! emails about Obama being from Kenya no really he is impeach.

Having to be Not An Asshole to two people who love each other and do things in bed you think are icky does not violate your freedoms. It really doesn't. Jesus palled around with a bunch of dudes, ahem; do you really think he gave fuck-all if two dudes want to disco all night and register at Macys? No. We are pretty damned sure the answer is no.

[Think Progress]


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