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The People's Socialist Republic of Oregon is no place to be if you want to enjoy the kinds of unrestricted firearms freedom one might find in Nevada or Alabama. It's no Massachusetts or California, but Oregon does have universal background checks. And this week, state gunlovers failed to repeal a big mean scary law aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of severely disturbed people. Like most of the people who would have 40 guns.

The law, which will go into effect January 1, 2018, allows judges to issue "extreme risk protection orders" that enable law enforcement officers to temporarily take lethal weapons away from people who are "deemed an imminent threat to themselves or others." Two Republican state legislators, worried that deeply unstable folks might not be able to protect themselves from home invaders, antifa thugs, or a tyrannical government that's bent on taking away people's guns, had pushed the petition drive, but failed to get enough signatures to get the repeal measure on the ballot:

Thursday was the deadline for petitioners to turn in 58,142 valid signatures. In a statement, leaders of the group advocating the repeal said they collected fewer than 25,000 signatures.

"It wasn't for lack of support," said Rep. Mike Nearman, an Independence Republican who was one of the referendum's sponsors. "We just simply did not have enough time."

The supporters of repeal say their effort was deliberately sabotaged by Gov. Kate Brown, who hates freedom. In a quirk of Oregon law, referendum sponsors have to gather all the required signatures within 90 days of the end of the legislative session. But there's a catch: They can't start collecting signatures until the bill they want to undo is signed into law. And while the bill passed on July 6, Brown didn't sign it until August 15. The fix was in, said Rep. Bill Post, another sponsor of the repeal effort:

"The foot-dragging by Governor Brown cost us 39 of our 90 days," [...] Post said there was no reason for Brown to slow-walk the bill signing other than to hamper the repeal effort.

Such a monster. Shame on her for smashing your hopes and dreams of keeping Oregon gun-humpers safe from an out-of-control judiciary that will surely take away someone's guns on a flimsy excuse like a domestic violence complaint or a suicide threat.

The Oregon Firearms Federation felt especially let down by the National Rifle Association, which the federation said should have launched an advertising campaign to help inform gunhumpers of the petition drive.

"But, as always, the NRA would rather 'work with' gun grabbers than confront them," the group said, adding that "the battle is not over."

"We are in for a tough fight. We've seen how little we can expect from the NRA," they said.

Yep, those damn liberal squishes in the NRA are in cahoots with the commies in Salem, that's for sure. The sponsors vow they'll try again, and Rep. Nearman says "gun grabbers are on notice" that this aggression against the aggressive will not stand, man.

Here, guys, go out with a song:

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