Organizers Of 'Million' Vet March On DC Memorial Shocked -- Shocked! -- It Turned 'Political'


For some darn reason, the organizers of the "Million Vet March on the Memorials" are suddenly distancing themselves from thefine people who showed up in DC over the weekend to tear down the barriers around the WWII Memorial and demand the impeachment of Fake Preznit Obama. On their homepage and their FacePlaceSpace page, the organizers annonce their "Official Stance" (wide):

The political agenda put forth by a local organizer in Washington DC yesterday was not in alignment with our message. We feel disheartened that some would seek to hijack the narrative for political gain. The core principle was and remains about all Americans honoring Veterans in a peaceful and apolitical manner. Our love for and our dedication to remains with Veterans, regardless of party affiliation or political leanings.

Gosh. Can't understand why people showed up at a rally whose organizers also said that "barricading and shutting down the World War II Memorial to veterans...a despicable act of cowardice" would somehow think it was a political event.

Oh, and of course, after the first day of the government shutdown, WWII vets were allowed to enter the WWII Memorial while it remained closed to everyone else. Funny how that fact appears nowhere on the Million Vet March website.

You know, guys, for all your claims that your goal was merely "an unbiased show of support for Veterans," you probably shouldn't be too surprised that people who despise the President took you at your word when you said that it was the act of closing the monuments -- monuments that Congress refused to fund -- that was "despicable." After all, you said,

To deny access to Veterans or ANY American the freedom of access to the memorials so diligently earned is not only distasteful but a slap to every Veteran around the world of any country that fought for their cause of freedom.

You can't really be astonished that you drew a lot of people to show up whose motives were just a touch political. Were you genuinely unaware that the first people to take the barriers down were congressional staff for Tea Party politicians?

A line in the last paragraph of your blog post -- "we ask that this not become a political protest. Whatever your feelings about Congress or the Administration; these events are not the place and time for that" -- is pretty thin cover. You knew exactly what you were putting together, you continued to claim that veterans (it's not capitalized) were being turned away when they were not, and you got the crowd you advertised to. Sorry, guys. You own this.

[Million Vet March / Facebook]

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