Orly Taitz Losing Senate Race, GOP Racism Against White People to Blame

Orly Taitz Losing Senate Race, GOP Racism Against White People to Blame

Here is a very important regional political update that you will not want to miss: famous dingbat and U.S. Senate candidate Orly Taitz has been snubbed for the endorsement of the California Republican Assembly. Orly Taitz has considered all the reasons why this might be the case, and Republican racism against white people is the obvious culprit. This mostly irrelevant wingnut endorsement has gone to some guy "Al Ramirez," see. So let Orly Taitz, speaker of Spanish, go ahead and translate the taco talk for you: "Ramirez" is a Hispanic name. CONSPIRACY.

Here is a lovely excerpt from her latest short fiction blog entry starring white-hating racist supervillains Karl Rove and a dude named Steve:

Going back to [California Republican Party] and [California Republican Assembly], the party bosses running the show in both organizations are largely dependent on the marching orders from the “Architect”, Karl Rove.

Rove typically speaks from both sides of his mouth. While he encouraged me, when I saw him last time at the Jewish -Republican coalition meeting, he is giving directives to the party bosses to promote different candidates: more obedient, non-controversial women and Hispanics. Following those directives CRP 24 member board decided to support another woman, who is unknown, but non controversial.


Following the paradigm of the “Architect” it seemed the board and particularly Steve Frank wwere pushing for a Hispanic Al Ramirez. It did not matter, whether my Spanish was as good as his. They wanted a Spanish name on the ballot. There is probably a smart way of doing things and a stupid way. Steve Frank is an embodiment of a stupid way.

Two years ago I got e-mails that were sent by Steve Frank. At that time the Republican party was pushing another minority candidate, a black candidate, the only black candidate running for the state wide office, Damon Dunn, who ran against me for the Secretary of State. Never mind that Dunn knew about the work of Sec of State and elections as much as I know about the Space travel, the party wanted one black face on their slate in order to attract minority votes. So, Steve Frank wrote e-mails to everybody, telling people not to vote for Orly Taitz because she will be in prison in a few months because she is going after Obama.

The Space travel! So Orly Taitz was just Newt Gingrich in a bad wig and a girdle all along, go figure. [OC Register]


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