We of coursenever read Dana Milbank, but this little bit is actually kind of funny, due to the scarily incompetent driving of one Senator Orrin Hatch, who has not operated a motorcar since the fall of Vichy France.

Sen. Orrin Hatch was test-driving a plug-in hybrid Hummer H3, and the 75-year-old Utah Republican was having some technical difficulties.

"How do you start this baby?" Hatch asked of the executives who built the 100-mile-per-gallon SUV.

"It's started," an official told Hatch.

"It's already on?" Hatch asked, surprised. "Heh, heh."

"Put your foot on the brake, then put it in drive," the official said. Nothing happened. "Is your foot on the brake? You have to have your foot on the brake."

"I think I've got it on," the senator replied.

"Nope," the executive said, pointing out the brake pedal. "There we go."

"No wonder," Hatch said. "I had it on the gas."

Hatch was the only senator to attend the demonstration of the fancy plug-in hybrid H3, which weighs FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS. It costs millions of dollars and contains its own men's bathroom, plus a hairdressing lounge and a spot in the corner for birthing babies (no multiples, please). It is made in Utah.

Senator Hatch is a menace and should have his drivers license revoked immediately.

Sen. Hatch's Wild Ride [Washington Post]


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