Osama On MySpace?

* What other generals have names that rhyme with something treasonous? [Michelle Malkin]

* Lying has worked so well for the six years, why stop now? [Slate]

* Last time we spent $13,000 for cookies and brownies was never, because that's more money than we've ever seen in our lives. [Think Progress]

* The MySpace friend race is the same as it's been like pretty much this whole time. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Actually, Bill Richardson makes a pretty good point. [MSNBC]

* This time, OJ fucking did it, ok? [MoJo]

* Hey, the CEO of an oil company sent workers over to a senator's house to do some work on it for free? Can you guess the senator? We bet you can! [Political Wire]

* Bush's list of the 36 nations in Iraq doesn't have 36 nations on it. This is how little it takes to lie to America. [TPM]


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