OSM: The First Victim of Blog War

So apparently some rightwing bloggers (and David Corn) got together to decided to make coin, change the world, and generate a shitload of publicity. They've been at it for five days in and it's clear they have some idea of how to do one of those things: Make a massive error in naming your company. Formerly known as "Pajama Media," they took the name "Open Source Media" and promptly fell victim to anyone who could Google the, uhm, first Open Source Media. Then there's how they're not exactly "open source." The blogging world has been watching this train wreck very closely.

Why they exist: “There was no mainstream media coverage of the French Intifada for the first five days.” [Jim Lowney]

Sadly, No introduces us to the OSM all-stars. "Misspelled 'loony.' Also, he seems indifferent to the fact that this cartoon makes him look like a raging nut bag." [Sadly, No]

"The OSM roster includes several voices from the Left, like David Corn, who will soon be known as the 'Alan Colmes of the Internet.'" [IowaHawk]

"I may be batshit crazy, insanely bitter, deranged and obsessed, but there is no way I had the stamina (or fortitude) to sit through 8 hours of panel discussions about fashion blogging and 'What is a blog,' let alone Judy Miller." [Dennis the Peasant, who is quite admirably deranged about the whole subject]

OSM=CBS? [Althouse]

"Oh, gag me with a mitre." [Buzznet]


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