Other North Dakota Nazis Won't Play Reindeer Games With Nazi-Town-Guy Craig Cobb Now That He Is Black

So here's the latest twist in the saga of Craig Cobb, the Nazi Übermensch who's trying to turn Leith, North Dakota, into an Aryan paradise: Turns out that Cobb had avery good reason to go out patrolling the town while brandishing a gun, because the poor man's home was the target of a vicious act of racist vandalism, according to a North Dakota prosecutor.

After a DNA test showed that Cobb had a little bit of black ancestry, someone, probably a fellow white supremacist, spray-painted "BACK IN BLACK" on Cobb's run-down house, which is what prompted Cobb to go out and scare his neighbors with guns and get himself arrested. As good liberals, we should probably be more sympathetic to Cobb now that he's a downtrodden black guy targeted by racists, because The Man is always trying to keep him down, and we definitely will. Just as soon as we stop giggling.

Shortly before he and gun-toting pal Kynan Dutton were arrested for their little armed brownshirt patrol through Leith, Cobb had texted the Bismarck Tribune to explain

“Because of the many violences (sic) and harassments against we (sic) and the children, we have commenced armed patrols of Leith.”

And now we know The Rest Of The Story, at least according to the local prosecutor:

“The individual in question was interviewed, and when his interview answers weren’t matching up, he essentially admitted it," Grant County Assistant State's Atty. Todd Schwarz told the Los Angeles Times. "The one that tipped it off -- he painted on the house, 'BACK IN BLACK,' and he’s not an AC/DC fan."

We think we like this Todd Schwarz guy rather a lot. But did they ask the graffiti dude if maybe he was a seriously confused fan of comedian Lewis Black?

Cobb and Dutton "had a falling out" with the other supremacist the day news of Cobb's DNA results broke, said Schwarz, who wouldn't identify the man but said he was "not real mentally stable" and left town the same day. Schwarz said the investigation into the graffiti incident is ongoing.

Schwarz said he thought Cobb knew he'd been targeted by his own man, so when Cobb went on his armed patrol four days later, he did so with a "manufactured" excuse of harassment.

And since Cobb & Dutton had already made themselves not-exactly friends in the community, Schwarz asked the judge that they be held without bond as a flight risk after being charged on seven counts of "terrorizing" their neighbors. (Cobb himself, you may recall, is a fugitive from Canadian charges of promoting hatred, because the godless Canucks have no First Amendment.) The judge agreed, and the two are sitting in jail awaiting trial.

"I’ve got a small community that is absolutely justified in being in fear of this man and his escalation," Schwarz said. Of the graffiti incident, he added with a laugh, "'Back in black' -- there’s got to be some irony in it.”

Oh, yes, we are definitely in love with Assistant State's Attorney Todd Schwarz, who undoubtedly was laughing his balls off and had to limit himself to that one little quip. Todd Schwarz, call us, please!

[LAT via RawStory]

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