Our Advice: Convince Him to Run For President

Bill's been holding on to her hand for 45 minutes - WonketteDear Wonkette,

I'm a lieutenant governor in need of advice on how to deal with my governor. My girlfriend recently went to the state capitol with me for the first time to attend my older sister's birthday. Her opinion of my governor was that he "kinda creeped me out." Several other close female friends have admitted things like this before as well. He stands too close to them, talks only to them too much, touches them on the arm when it seems out of place to do so, weird things like that. Of course, he would say he's just being friendly, but I'm quite sure that's not all it is. Even worse is when he acts this way when I'm right there! My governor and I have had talks on this before, but he will never admit to being wrong and doesn't seem to get the idea to stay away from women (particularly my female friends). How do I deal with this, short of just never taking my girlfriends to spend time with my state government, especially since it's worse on short-term visits?

--Don't Stand So Close to Her

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