Our First Flame! Our First Flame! Bush's Daughters

We will not be posting all -- or even much -- of our reader mail. But as every author knows, that first piece of hate mail is a very, very special thing. And we had no idea we'd get ours so soon! What is this wetness on my face? It must be tears of joy. Ahem:


I guess among your friends it must be fashionable to take cheap shots at the president's


Way to toe the line for the Left.

But it sounds to me more like you're just envious.

After all, that young Barb Bush is quite a fox, and you... well.

You know it's been said that jealousy is an ugly thing.

Could that be why you yourself are so unattractive?

Actually, we're unattractive because we eat too much and don't exercise! The jealousy, that just makes us stick burning cigarettes into our own arms.

Barbara Bush and Yale Tradition [Wonkette]


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