Our First Tip! Our First Tip! Lindsey Graham

Someone writes: "It's time to let Lindsey Graham's what a queen!little open secret out of the closet. Or the secrets of any other people that we non-Washington insiders don't know about, at least if they won't kill themselves over the revelation..."

We hesitate to step sooooo close to the line with this, our first tip -- and God knows just how seriously Senator Graham's South Carolina constituents take this sort of thing. But here goes: That cake Lindsey brought to the big State of the Union after-party? From a store. (Photo: Lindsey Graham, left.)

In completely unrelated news: Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2004 was held last weekend, where Outgoing MAL Bootblack Cristo Webb handed over the title and bronzed-boot trophy to the tearful 2004 winner, Spanky. Bet you can't wait to show that off to the guys in the cloakroom, eh, "Spanky"?

Lindsey Graham [Senate.gov]

Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2004 Contest [MetroWeekly]


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