Our Hungover President

wonkette: you know, watching the bush q&a today was the first time *ever* that i understood the "regular guy" appeal.

wonkette: he just didn't want to be at work today.

wonkette: though i still don't get the onion thing.

operative: what the fuck did he say?

wonkette: he tried to make a reagan-esque personal anecdote that would illustrate his immigration policy.

wonkette: but all he succeeded in doing was talking about the time he met an onion farmer.

wonkette: and he was so totally and clearly making it up.

operative: someone should have told him that rutabagas are much funnier

wonkette: We have a situation in our own neighborhood where there are way -- disparities are huge, and there are jobs in America that people won't do. That's just a fact. I met an onion grower today at the airport when I arrived, and he said, you got to help me find people that will grow onions -- pluck them, or whatever you do with them, you know.

operative: maybe Bush can put an ad in Craigslist for him

wonkette: "can you pull onions? -- m4m"

operative: no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with calls for impeachment

wonkette: oooh, the next best line of the q&a: at his crankiest, he said "Anybody *work* here in this town?"

wonkette: this is in cleveland, by the way.

operative: good Lord

operative: um....did everyone cough and shuffle their feet?

operative: i think someone yelled "you're not funny!"

operative: maybe he was just trying to bomb cause Ken Blackwell was on next

wonkette: he did leave the podium with "God Bless America and THE BROWNS SUCK"

President Discusses War on Terror and Iraqi Freedom [White House]


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