Our biggest fan - WonketteWe salute nationally-syndicated columnist Susan Estrich for her commitment to journalistic integrity, and her wholesale embracing of the new-media revolution that is sweeping away the tired old MSM.

Howie Kurtz explains:

The quote was so explosive that Susan Estrich couldn't resist using it in her syndicated column.

The topic: "Is there anything Mitt Romney won't say or do to try to win the Republican nomination?"

Picking up on a zinger that John McCain had delivered to his presidential rival, Estrich, who managed Michael Dukakis's 1988 presidential campaign, found a retort online from the Romney camp. She wrote:

"Besides, who is McCain to talk? 'Why don't you go cry about torture some more, old man,' Romney's spokesman is quoted as saying in response. 'When we're in charge, we're going to nonlethally stress the hell out of you in Gitmo #15.'

Susan, you are apparently one of the few people who realizes that every word we write is actually 100% true. In most cases, of course, we are simply the only ones with the guts to report it, consequences be damned.

Also John Edwards just called us and told us that he's totally gay.

Searching for Friends [WP via TBogg]

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