Our Second Pope Post

Wait, the Pope was really a Nazi? Wtf? Here we were thinking it was just, you know, an artless epithet. Does this mean that Bush is a Nazi, too? So confused! As our pal John at Reference Tone points out: Shouldn't having been a Nazi mean you can't be Pope? Sure, it's a form of discrimination, but the Catholic Church has no problem with barring much larger portions of the population from the job. It should be simple, right? No women, no blacks, no Jews, no Nazis! Very fair, really.

We understand that some people say "Oh, he was young, it was compulsory, he was 'reluctant.'" You could say the same thing about boys who "experiment" at boarding school, and yet we suspect that kind of thing would keep you from donning the mighty Pope hat, too.

Pope Benedict: His role in the Nazi years [Indpendent UK]

Nazi Pope [Reference Tone]


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