Our Steeple and Thomas Edison's Dick

* "It's as anatomic as the size of your steeple." [Glamour is a Rocky Road]

* "As all y'all DC folks know, they got these ignant ass speed cameras all about the city. Studies have shown that the cameras do NOT reduce the speed of drivers, except for when they are approaching a speed trap, and that the city is making millions of dollars in revenue from them. Bastids. But those things are marked quite clearly, so you really shouldn't be getting caught up with them, especially two years in to the program. BUT, who knew about the new speed traps: parked police cars that snap a picture of speeding cars?" [Me, Myself and I]

* "When I see children watching an R-rated movie because their parents brought them along for some reason, do I make a point of pestering them? No. So why can't the little bastards return the favor?" [DC Universe]

* "So basically Thomas Edison was a dick . . ." [Eavesdrop DC]

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