Our Take on the Whole Katie Couric Deal

katie%20couric%20katie%20couric%20katie%20couric.jpegAnd now, a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the Wonkette sausage factory. As always, IM screen names are pseudonyms.

Wonk 1: Maybe this is more Gawker or FishBowl territory, but perhaps later we should weigh in on the Katie Couric thing.

Wonk 2: yeah, you're welcome to do a post, but i really have no take on it.

Wonk 1: Am surprised -- you have no take on this major media event?

Wonk 1: Of course, maybe there's not much to say -- other than that TV people make BUTTLOADS of $$$

Wonk 2: ha -- i think it's a pretty bad idea

Wonk 1: Oh, to put Katie on at nite? At least guys can have a nice pre-bedtime wank.

Wonk 2: it's a bad idea because the point of Katie Couric is that she a) talks like a teenager and it's kinda weird and b) you can see her legs!


Wonk 2: but desk = ratings doom

Wonk 1: Yeah, they may have to make that an open desk, visible legs.

Wonk 1: Or maybe a split screen set-up: face on one side, legs on the other

Wonk 2: see-thu desk, like glass-bottom boat

Wonk 1: Brilliant! We should be TV production execs.

Wonk 1: And I think we have just written our post on this, btw.

Wonk 2: ha, i'd say so

Couric Confesses Move to CBS, America Feigns Shock [Gawker]

Katie Couric Announces Departure on Today [FishBowlNY]katie%20couric%20legs%20katie%20couric%20legs%20katie%20couric%20legs%20great%20legs%20sexy%20legs.JPG


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