Our Visit to the Union Station Bathroom Was Considerably Less Eventful

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They may have deleted us from their RSS feed (although thanks for the flattering comparison to Queen Elizabeth), but that didn't stop the wacky BlogActive crew from sending us their newsletter. This morning's missive brings news of the group's open letter to an allegedly closeted Republican senator, who had the temerity to vote for cloture on the Alito nomination (which, of course, numerous Democrats voted for as well). Here's an excerpt:

Tomorrow you will be faced with a vote that may have the longest aftereffects of any other you have cast in your Senate career. Tomorrow you will decide if your political position is worth more than doing what is right for others like you. For others like you, Mr. Senator, who engage in oral sex with other men. (Although, Mr. Senator, most of us don't do in the bathrooms of Union Station!) Your fake marriage, by the way, will NOT protect you from the truth being told on this blog.

This kind of threw of us for our loop. So we reached out to Ana Marie Cox, Wonkette Emerita, for guidance. Here's what she had to say (IM names are pseudonyms):

New Wonkettes: How would you deal w/something like this BlogActive guy who is saying he's going to out a closeted GOP senator if he votes for Alito?

Original Wonkette: unless he's got pictures of the guy actually fucking i think it's a difficult charge to prove

Original Wonkette: and who wants to see any of the republican senators fucking?

Original Wonkette: except maybe hagel

Original Wonkette: he's hottt

Original Wonkette: also it's a lame tactic

Original Wonkette: he'd be the only republican senator NOT voting for alito? THAT ALONE would out him.

While we were IM'ing, the Alito vote came in (58-42 in favor of confirmation, in case you're wondering). Ana Marie had this to add:

Original Wonkette: chaffee was the only repub to vote against but i don't think he counts
Original Wonkette: and he said he'd vote against yesterday, so it seems unlikely that he was the target. point remains that any sudden change of heart on the part of, say, john mccain (those rumors about him and clinton burning up davos!) would have been suspicious.

And now we understand, ever more keenly, why you all miss the original Wonkette so much. For those of you suffering AMC withdrawal symptoms, tune in for her liveblogging of the SOTU tonight!

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