Outraged Nativists Reclaim Mexico From Absolut Vodka

Now we address the Canadian ProblemThe rampant, raging Absolut vodka controversy took on new dimensions this weekend when a pack of insane nativists vowed to boycott Absolut and demanded the firing of the employee who approved an ad that encourages the Mexicans to take over the Northern Hemisphere. To be fair, it is well known that The Illegals and their cohort take most of their political marching orders from liquor ads.

Just because Absolut apologized for fomenting a second Mexican Revolution doesn't mean that company is off the hook, no!

A group called the FIRE Coalition typed up a Web site that said this:

  • "We agree, in part, with one of Michelle Malkin's readers: 'In an Absolut world, a company that produces vodka fires its entire marketing department in a desperate attempt to win back enraged North American customers after a disastrous ad campaign backfires'."
  • "We intent [sic] to continue this boycott until the employee responsible for approving the ad is fired from the company."
  • "It's time for Americans to put their foot down and say enough is enough! We are not going to put up with corporations aiding and abetting illegal aliens anymore!"

Everybody please join these lunatics in their worthy cause so that America can be free, once and for all, of the scourge of reckless advertising copywriters.

Vodka-maker Absolut apologizes, ends ad showing California, Texas as part of Mexico [AP]

Boycott Absolut Spirits Company for encouraging Reconquista! [AbsolutlyNot.com]


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