Outsourcing Is The New Blogging

It's 1 o'clock. Do you know where your Wonkettes are?Richard Leiby may be on his way out as the Washington Post's gossip columnist, but he stuck around for one more live chat today to... let his readers take potshots at Wonkette!

Monterey, Calif.: Is Wonkette back doing her own blogging again or is she still outsourcing? I can't tell if she stopped being funny all by herself or if she's getting help. Do they still let her into parties or is that over too?

Richard Leiby: I haven't seen the Wonkette, aka Ana Marie Cox, at parties lately, but that's my fault. I refuse to go anywhere these days, figuring that any event that wants me can't be worthwhile.

We can't speak to whether Wonkette gets in to parties or not these days, since she tries not to hang out with her minions in public, but we can vouch for Leiby on that last point.

Seriously though, the real Wonkette has been making frequent appearances here, though she's laid up with the flu right now. And we think our fellow substitute has been minding the shop just fine. But we can understand how someone who likes Leiby's work so much that they write in to his chat might have missed all that -- basic literacy skills can really only take you so far.

And yes, the weather in Bangalore is lovely today, thanks for asking.

Live Online: The Reliable Source [WP]

[Christian Science Monitor via Lincoln Journal Star]


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