Own Bob Ney's Fridge

FRIDGE OF SHAME - WonketteNow's your chance to own a piece of Washington history: the second-most corrupt refrigerator in DC can be yours for free on Craigslist!

I have an old fridge (I think 1988... and formerly owned by former congressman and now inmate Bob Ney!) that is 65" high by 28" wide. Top Freezer with ice maker - one of the knobs that holds the ice bin is broken, but can be fixed, and the lights are out. Other than that, it works fine.

All you have to do is move the current owner's new fridge... which is kind of a shitty deal, but it's Craigslist.

Bob Ney had no need for a fridge, really, because we're pretty sure every meal the man had over the last ten years was paid for by Jack Abramoff. But he was an alkie, so this fridge was probably filled with beer and assorted mixers.

Free Full Size Refrigerator Freezer [craigslist]


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