PA Classifies Voting Locations Because of Terrorists

the PA state militia is coming, lebanonHey, did you guys know there's an election day in like, a week or two or something? No, Iowa has not been moved up again. It's the 2007 elections, stupid! And even if you've forgotten them, Osama and his bug-eyed wallaby friends sure haven't. Pennsylvania electoral officials are the only decent patriots to recognize this imminent, dare we say CODE RED, threat and are taking the only appropriate precaution: Not publicizing the locations of polls. Because of terrorism. Good luck sabotaging the Philadelphia mayoral election now, Islamo-Suckshits.

Why is the Pennsylvania Department of State so nervous about a 9/11 happening in 11 of '07? Let's not ask stupid questions. Remember the Madrid train bombings in 2004? Little known fact: The train was headed straight for the coffee shops and office parks of Harrisburg, PA (via Guardian):

The [PA] Department of State was influenced by the terrorist bombings that struck just days before Spain's national elections in 2004, spokeswoman Leslie Amoros said. Election officials consulted with state police, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the state Office of Homeland Security.

"The agencies agreed it was appropriate not to release the statewide list to protect the public and the integrity of the voting process,'' Amoros said.

You can still find this information on the Internet or by calling election bureaus, however. It's well known that freedom-haters reject the Jewnternet.

Pa. Won't Release List of Polling Places [Guardian via Philadelphia Will Do]


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