Pakistan Would Only Like The $8 Billion If There Are No Strings Attached (There Are Strings Attached)


  • Herta Muller, the famed rather depressing Teutonic authoress, has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. [New York Times]
  • Hooray, the Senate Finance Committee has approved the most recent health care bill, which means it could be sent to the Senate floor by the end of the month! [New York Times]
  • Pakistan would rather the U.S. not interfere in its new civilian government actually, even if this would mean the U.S. would send along literally $8 billion in aid. [Washington Post]
  • End-timesily, there have been four earthquakes in the past 11 hours in the South Pacific today. [CNN]
  • Fall shopping was not such a hit this year it turns out, and it's looking like most stores will be reporting declines. [AP]
  • "Royal Mail" employees in England are THISCLOSE to striking after losing a contract with Amazon. Amazon loses things all the time though! [Guardian]

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