Palin Locked In DEATH MATCH With Republican Fundraisers


Will Sarah Palin appear at a fancy fundraiser tonight for the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee? No way in hell, unless she changes her mind! First she was invited to headline at the event, and she said yes, but then she said no because she was so "overexposed," so events organizers booked Newt Gingrich instead because Newt Frigging Gingrich is a less "controversial" speaker. But the drama was just beginning!

Some fundraising busybody tried to broker a detente, saying that Palin "would be in the neighborhood around the time of the dinner," and so maybe she could have appeared at the dinner and maybe even said a few words, until the head of the NRCC said, "She can come but for God's sake do not let her open her mouth."

AND THEN "Palin's team was offended that she was not given the chance to speak." Goodness gracious.

Sarah Palin has made something of a post-election career for herself out of accepting invitations to do something and then bagging, and now she is mad that the people she bagged on are not inviting her back so she can bag on them again. She is basically a four-year-old child, but with a national following of wingnuts.

Palin and GOP spar over fundraising dinner [The Hill]


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