Palin & McCain Pray To Godless Toilet Symbols


Each day across the nuttier parts of our great country, Grandpa John McCain and his circus geek, Sarah Palin, thrill the yokels with their tough talk against the terrorist, Barack Obama, who will soon be president of Terrorist America. But today there was no talk of the terrorist, in Virginia Beach. Only the mindless worship of these restroom icons!

Mike McNarney of Norfolk stopped by the McCain-Palin rally in Virginia Beach, where he took this picture of Sarah and Walnuts pledging their new-world-order loyalty to the United Nations stick figures of Satanic Alien Control.

Who is that on the left, "Bocephus" Randall Williams? High-school dropout Levi Johnston? Let's go with high-school dropout Levi Johnston, the poor dumb kid who was doomed at birth, when his mom named him for half a pair of jeans, and then he "grew up" and impregnated one of Sarah Palin's twenty children.

Thanks for the picture, Mike! []


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