Palin Suspends Own Ability To Form Sentences, To Fix The Economy!


  • McCain pays his celebrity makeup artist $5,000 per session. Why won't Cindy chip in for the 2 Whore Diamond upgrade?  [Us Weekly]
  • America is saved, hooray! Meet the Palin Plan: "Congress not pointing fingers at this point at … one another." Quick! Let's go do this thing! [Matthew Yglesias]
  • Campell Brown wants to know why the Sexist Media does not ask Sarah Palin tuff questions even though the media is forbidden to speak to Palin, who is kept inside a snowglobe.  [Ezra Klein]
  • Oh dear, some racist Quakers hung Obama in effigy, in Oregon. The Decemberists opened. [Oregon Live]
  • Bill Clinton says he can't campaign for Obama -- or do his Calc homework -- because of September's twelve Jewish holidays. [Ben Smith]

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