Palin's Legal Fund May Run Afoul Of The Law

  • It can take days for AIDS patients in rural Africa to walk to the places where they can get anti-retroviral drugs, so maybe we should bring the drugs to the patients instead of the patients to the drugs. [BBC News]
  • Senator John Thune: he's an Ascendant Republican Star! What will be his Achilles heel: a dead girl, a live boy, or a debilitating drug habit? [Washington Post]
  • Did President Obama make a grave mistake by trying to fix two big things in a single year? [New York Times]
  • More progress in Northwest Pakistan sort of: troops killed 27 militants and arrested 10 more, but have yet to eliminate much of the leadership. [Reuters]
  • Senators finally grew a pair and voted against producing more of the expensive and useless F-22 Raptor fighter jet. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Sarah Palin's legal defense fund, formed to defend her against numerous ethics complaints, may itself be a breach of ethics law. [ABC News]

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