Pam Geller Converts Routine FBI Bulletin Into Warning That Scary Muslims Will Blow Up All Our Oil

Pam Geller Converts Routine FBI Bulletin Into Warning That Scary Muslims Will Blow Up All Our Oil

Paranoid anti-Muslim savior of western civilization Pam Geller must go through a lot of undies, considering her ability to soil them at the slightest hint of MUSLIM JIHAD TERROR. Consider thisscary headline from Sunday: "FBI WARNS: MUSLIM TERRORISTS PLAN TO ATTACK FUEL STORAGE PLANTS INSIDE U.S." And her lede is full of I-told-you-so victimhood butthurt, of course.

But remember, sheeple, it's not the Muslim terrorists slaughtering, bombing and blowing up soft targets that's the problem. No.

It is the few of us who talk about it. Yes, we are the danger. Confused? Then you are a racist-islamophobic-anti-jihad-slaughtering bigot.

Oh golly, well then, just what exactly is this huge plot that's going to prove that Pammy Was Right All Along? Oh, it is this story from Reuters:

U.S. officials have warned energy companies to be on the alert for "potential terrorist activities" at fuel storage plants but there were no immediate threats, an oil industry group told members on Friday

The Petroleum Marketers Association of America told members the Federal Bureau of Investigation "is concerned about terrorists attempting to purchase or steal fuel from a bulk plant to use in a weapon of mass destruction."

We see! So it's actually a warning about basic security type stuff? And it doesn't seem to have said anything about Muslims? But... but Pam Geller said that the FBI was warning about an attack that's exactly like the takeover of that Algerian BP refinery in January:

Fuel storage attack plans mimic the jihad attack on the BP gas complex in Algeria where Muslim terrorists kidnapped 600 hostages targeting infidels from Western nations, America, too, while all the Muslim captives were released immediately, of course. The remaining foreign hostages were slaughtered.

SCARY! And they're planning something like that here? Of course they are! Pam is vindicated! Let's see what terrifying plots the FBI is warning of:

The PMAA said it sent members a message on Friday after the FBI handed out the warning at an energy conference last week ahead of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington ...

The PMAA message to members said the FBI warned fuel marketers should be on alert for new customers who are not from the area, drivers who are not familiar with truck or vehicle operations, and people who store fuel in unusual locations or containers.

A PMAA official said the FBI wrote the alert last year. "It is not for any recent activity just a list red flags to alert bulk plant operators of suspicious activity," the official said.

So the FBI noticed that the petro industry was having a conference and sent them a YEAR-OLD reminder about general security measures, because people filling up drums with racing fuel in the back of a Ryder Truck might be a concern? Well, that's still something to be worried about, very very worried... Worried all the time!

Also, in a nice bit of timing, while researching this piece (so far as googling "BP Algeria" is research) we learned that the company that ran the Algerian refinery had really crappy security. So, uh, there's a parallel, we suppose. Maybe they were getting ready to move to Texas.

So yes -- A "stay alert" memo sent to a business conference is a warning that Muslim Terror is headed to an oil plant near you any day now, so BE SCARED OF MUSLIM JIHAD!!1! Also, when we were in the airport this weekend, we heard a recorded announcement about not leaving bags unattended, so maybe we should send Pam Geller a tip about the imminent threat of Muslim terrorist airport attacks that the FAA told us about.

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