Panda Nomenclature: It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Last Tango In Butterstick We're hopping on another gay-friendly blogger campaign: Name that panda "Butterstick"! Unrequited Narcissism goes through the outstanding reasons for christening the little fella after our favorite fatty spread, the best being, "We've got a graphic, which means that soon CafePress will be disgorging butterstick promotional gear by the truckload." (Heh. "Disgorging buttesticks." I think have the first Disgorging Buttersticks 7-inch.)

You probably think it's a long shot, but come on: It'd be so like the National Zoo to hop on the Atkins Diet bandwagon now. Like they haven't lost enough money on those fucking bears.

stick it to 'em [Unrequited Narcissism]

Butterstick's A Boy! [DCist]

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