Paradise Regained


The weekend is, fundamentally, a series of days, two days, in which Americans have a choice -- an important choice -- for the states, federally. But even not all Americans are going to agree, absolutely, so that's why we have choices in terms of the law of the land, in this great nation of Alas-- America. The United States. For all people really, and John McCain has always said culture is the key to, embracing America, on a state level, for the good folks in Washington DC.


  • After that sold out Fleet Foxes show that you didn't go to, hang around the Black Cat for Sorted, a dance party of the Britpop variety, with DJs Stereo Faith and Common People. $6, 9:30 PM. [Black Cat]
  • There's a special midnite show at the 9:30 Club staring Kool Keith, a/k/a Dr. Octagon, a/k/a/ Eldon Smith. John McCain is performing at the 9:30 Club. $20. [9:30 Club]
  • At Ibiza, DJ Quick Silva and the topically named DJ Armageddon are spinning. This will also be broadcast live on 93.9 WKYS. [Ibiza]
  • Tom Tomorrow will be at Politics & Prose, tomorrow. He'll be talking about the President, unkind sentiments mayhap! 9 PM. [Politics & Prose]
  • Go to the Space Invaders closing party at Dissident Display Studios. There will be dancing, performance art, elitism, etc. [Washington Post]


  • Matmos has traveled all the way from their native San Francisco, to play electronic music for you at the Velvet Lounge. $10, 3 PM. [Velvet Lounge]
  • DJ Blake Jarrell will be at Ibiza tonight, at an undisclosed time and for an undisclosed price. [Ibiza]
  • See Chromeo -- who, fun fact!, is a candidate for a Ph.D. in French literature at Columbia -- at the 9:30 Club. Ask him why he's not studying. $20, 8 PM. [9:30 Club]
  • It's Jukebox the Ghost, Say Hi, and Junior League Band, right here at your Black Cat. $12, 9 PM. And after, there's Wag, 60s garage and soul thing. $5, 9:30 PM. [Black Cat]
  • Jazz Goddess Sonya Kitchell is at Iota, playing a set at 9:30 PM. [Iota]


  • See the Rumble Strips and Birdmonster at the Black Cat at 9 PM. $12. [Black Cat]
  • Last chance to see Verdi's La Traviata at the National Opera. Prices vary, 2 PM. [Washington Post]

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